16 Apr

Become a Yantreprenuer

Lets face it, no one would mind making some money from doing something they love. If you are a knitter and all you have been doing with your skill is making things and giving them out to friends and family, maybe it is time you started thinking like an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is great, but it comes with its own challenges. If you already have a full time job, it can be challenging. With a clear focus and plan, knitting could actually earn you more than you are earning in employment. Here are some great tips to help you embark on your dream job as a professional knitter.

Get your sales focus: Think of what you are good at and focus on it. Do you love coming up with new patterns and designs, or do you find enjoyment through teaching other people how to knit? Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, work on it and make it your selling point.

On what platforms do you want to be found? Are you comfortable selling online, or you want to open your own store where you can sell some of your crafts as well as other items made by other knitters? Be clear on what your end goal is and work on it.