12 Jun

The Health Benefits Of Knitting

Apart from having fun and the chance knitting presents those doing it to be creative, it has a whole list of health benefits. There are some who use it for meditation as it helps them focus and prepare their brain for the task ahead. If you have been feeling a little stressed lately, research shows that knitting is a great stress relief. To put things into perspective, let’s have a look at some of the health benefits of knitting.

Stress reliever: Research shows that the repetitive aspect of knitting has the ability to help the body release serotonin which is the hormone responsible for inducing happiness and helping the human body to stay calm. This is why many of those who are devoted to knitting swear by this craft as a stress buster.

Can help children read: Apparently, children who learn how to knit first, acquire literacy skills with minimal difficulties. This has been practically proven. Since knitting is like creating a story, it inspires concentration and focus which are two elements that play a big role in reading. As they knit, they also acquire motor skills which come in handy when they start writing.

Good at fighting Alzheimer’s: Research shows that any activity that has the power to keep the brain active lowers the risk of getting dementia. Knitting falls under this category. If you have been thinking of starting to knit, here is one of the benefits you will enjoy.

Can help keep an addiction at bay: This might sound a bit ironical since knitting is itself addictive. The best thing about knitting addiction is that it is not self-harming. People have overcome drug addictions and many other self-destructive habits through knitting.